Welcome to ACER’s new VET Quality Indicator Service

You have reached this page because you have attempted to access the ACER AQTF Quality Indicator Service (AQIS), or Online Survey System (OSS) websites.

Please note that due to the cessation of technical support for their software and related security issues, these systems have now been decommissioned and are being replaced by the VET Quality Indicator Service.


All AQIS accounts activated between August 2015 and April 2016 have been added to the VET Quality Indicator Service free of charge, with a subscription period of one year from the date of activation. These users will shortly be sent instructions on how to access their accounts.

New Registrations

All currently inactive accounts will need to be newly registered, with a new subscription. The VET Quality Indicator Service registration page can be accessed at vetqis.org.au .

If you have been using the Online Survey System beyond the date of the last closure notification, this data can still be retrieved and reported on. Please just email and provide us with your OSS details, and we will download the data for you.

If you have Manual Entry data to be reported on, please submit as normal by email, although change the address to vetqis@acer.edu.au . A manual entry uploading option will be enabled online shortly.

Account Changes


The VET Quality Indicator Service will not enforce a subscription termination date of July 31 annually, as with the old AQIS system. Each account will last for one year from activation (the date of payment).


Registration prices will no longer be based on the RTO size. There is now a basic subscription product for all account types: a survey and reporting subscription (which comes with 1000 online survey links) for the price of $375 (incl. GST).

If more online survey links are needed, they can be purchased separately using Link Packs.

Scannable Survey forms have not changed; they remain separately purchasable for same prices, and will be despatched by courier as before.

Ongoing Development

As the VET Quality Indicator System is in continuous development, not all features are currently available.

From the date of launch, RTOs will be able to create an account, purchase online surveying or scannable survey forms, create surveying groups, generate individual links, and generate a summary report (the Registering Body Report).

Currently unavailable are: Group Link functionality, Group Reports, Manual Data Uploads, and the Benchmarking Report. These (and other new features) will be added over the course of the next few weeks.

Feedback and Support

As the system is new and in continuous development, we welcome all feedback, whether positive or negative. Please send feedback to vetqis@acer.edu.au .

If you are making a support request or reporting a technical issue, please make sure to provide the following information:

e.g. PC, Mac, tablet, mobile

e.g. Chrome, Firefox

Please check your browser’s ‘About’ function for this information.

Please describe how the problem arose, and steps we can take to recreate and investigate the issue on our end.

Please also attach a screenshot of any issues with the site, and/or error messages.

Please Note: the VET Quality Indicator Service website will not function on versions of Internet Explorer earlier than version 11.